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Coming up on the first year as a city councillor, it has been deeply rewarding. While I still have the excitement of being newly elected, the pride of representing the residents of Wards 7& 8, and the anticipation of making a difference in the community, we can celebrate small victories—improving local parks, launching community programs, and fostering a sense of unity among residents. I have dedicated myself to listening to the concerns and needs of our residents, collaborating with fellow councillors, and implementing impactful policies that address key issues and improve the quality of life for all residents. I am fully aware that building a sustainable future for our city requires long-term planning and a deep understanding of the challenges we face.


We are working on implementing strict property standards and bylaw enforcement to ensure that our city remains clean and well-maintained. The landlord Licencing Bylaw is the first step toward improving the quality of rental properties, street parking, and garbage policies in our city. I am also extremely proud that all the community outreaches I have done, did not cost the city, my office, or taxpayers any money, as I was able to secure sponsorships and donations from local businesses and community organizations.

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