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Throughout my career, I’ve encouraged people to understand the Golden Rule vs. the Platinum Rule. While the Golden Rule encourages us Treat others as YOU would like to be treated, the Platinum Rule encourages us to Treat others as THEY would like to be treated.


The motivation for Do a Deed comes from working with nonprofits and community groups who actively engage community members and put a smile on someone’s face no matter how small the deed may seem. To hear someone say “for someone to have their own personal toothbrush” is a small thing for some but it gives someone the ability to smile.



To give an individual a Brampton experience or an item that not only puts a smile on them, but also gives them a sense of pride, dignity, and a sense that someone cares. It is not designed to be big lavish or grand gifts or experiences, but rather everyday memories and acts of kindness to make someone or group feel special.




If you or someone you know can use a pick me up, an experience, or you want to spread some kindness, fill out the form below and submit. We’ll take care of the rest!


Note: Due to the overwhelming outreach, it may take time to grant requests, as well due to the complexity of some requests. We will contact those selected, advise of the process, and expected timelines.

Put a smile on someone

Fill out the form below, if you know someone who can use a smile

Thanks for submitting!

Disclaimer: Please note that this platform does not facilitate any monetary transactions or transfers, and we do not hold any goods or products.  We are not liable for any financial or product-related transactions conducted outside of our platform.

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